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R. D. Cole CPA, LLC

R. D. Cole, CPA was licenced in 1990. Our goal is to help you with any tax problems you or your company may be having with the IRS.  Many taxpayers are pleasantly surprised when they learn about some of the options available to them, even if they have not filed a tax return in the last few years. 


R. D. Cole CPA, LLC personnel will work to take the load off of your shoulders by laying out a clear path for the solution of your tax problems using Tax Resolution Techniques that have been successful in the past and approved by the IRS.  Our objective is reaching a settlement that will put you back in good standing with the IRS.  

                       Roy Cole                               
Areas of Practice

Representation of taxpayers before the IRS

Resolution of Federal Tax Issues

IRS Audit Representation

Call Now for a casual initial    consultation on resolving your IRS Tax Problems and getting back in good standing with the IRS. .

(713) 552-3480

R. D. Cole CPA, LLC personnel will explain to you, the process of using existing tax law to the favor of its clients so that you will be informed as to the step by step strategies that have proven effective in working with the IRS to reach settlement agreements with taxpayers in the past. 

R. D. Cole CPA, LLC personnel will explain the options available so that you will be able to approve the strategy that is best for you. 


R. D. Cole CPA, LLC personnel use tax resolution techniques that have worked in the past and we can determine which solution is the best fit for your case.    

Call R.D. Cole CPA, LLC at 713-552-3480 during normal business hours for a casual preliminary discussion free of charge.  


        IRS Tax Resolution Services
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