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IRS Tax Problem Resolution for Harris County, TX

Tax Problems with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) can be extremely stressful and complex, especially if you’re dealing with an IRS Revenue Officer that may not have sympathy for taxpayers with unresolved issues. Our objective is to shield you from Revenue Officers and Agents before the R/O has the chance to obtain comments from you that can then be used against you before you have the chance to get help and guidance from a Professional with specific training in Tax Resolution strategies. The Internal Revenue Manual has provisions that may be used to work in your favor during our efforts to find a mutually agreeable resolution to the matters at hand. However, it often requires a Professional to point out certain provisions of the IRM to the Revenue Officer and demonstrate how they support the taxpayer’s position. That’s why working with an experienced Certified Public Accountant (CPA) experienced in IRS Tax Resolution strategies can help ensure that your interests are protected.

Here at R. D. Cole CPA, LLC, the objective of our Tax Problem Resolution Services is to ensure that you are restored back to a level of good standings with the IRS. We proudly work with those in need all throughout Harris County, TX, and the surrounding areas within the state of Texas.


Why Work With Us for IRS Tax Resolution


At R. D. Cole CPA, LLC, our team dedicates itself to providing you with the highest level of service and experience in IRS tax problem resolution. Our approach ensures that all your financial issues are addressed in a timely and organized manner that we can tailor to your unique needs.

We understand how intimidating dealing with the IRS can be, so we strive to provide the highest level of personal attention and support throughout the process.

Receive the protection and tax relief that you deserve by contacting R. D. Cole CPA, LLC today.

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