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Practice Areas

My firm's primary service is Tax Resolution.  We can introduce you to third party CPA firms that prepare tax returns that may be needed to keep you current with any filing requirements. 

IRS Tax Resolution (IRS Problems)

My firm will assist you with settling problems with the IRS for taxes owed by you or your business.   You will be provided with  options found which may be available or preferable to you whether it be an Offer in Compromise,  Partial Payment Installment, or a deferral of payment to future years if you qualify. I recommend that you take steps to resolve potential risks of tax liens, or levies, wage garnishments, foreclosures or other immediate collection efforts and stop all direct contacts from the IRS. 

My firm can provide consulting services geared towards identifying possible options that may be available to help reduce your tax liability even before you get a Notice from the IRS.   
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